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Off and Racing

I have been in Europe for a little over two weeks now, preparing for the upcoming World Cups.

I have lots happening before Christmas- 5 World Cups in Three different countries.

I am really looking forward to racing. My preparation has been good and I have achieved alot in the small ampount of time that I have been back on snow. I had a 'warm up race' last weekend at the Austrian national Championships, where I placed 2nd!

I am really happy to be with my team mate Anton and our coaches Danny and Shawn, as well as our new addition, Martin- our service man. We head to Canada tomorrow morning to get down to buisness!

If you wish to view my competition calender, visit my Calender here.

I wish you all well and will check back in after Christmas. Enjoy some pictures below!

For now it is Skiers Ready, Attention......GO!


#training #preparation #podium

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