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2 Weeks To Go!

I am still in Austria, navigating training, World Cup preparations and the C-19 pandemic.

Our training plans have been changing more frequently than I could have possibly imagined. Pitztal Glacier opened for professional athletes (yet there seemed to be a lot of random young teams there...), then Pitztal closed completely, reopened and then closed down again within 7 days. About a week ago I felt like I had packed my bags and unpacked my bags about 4 times- and we hadn't even left our apartment!

The Swiss SX team built a track for all teams to train on on Laax, Switzerland. It was really the only way for us to keep training. It was a very expensive option for a small team like us, but we didn't really have any other options.

I aggravated my knee in a training session in Pitztal about 2 weeks ago now, so we decided to have a few days off snow before heading to Switzerland, to give my knee some time to rest and to give us time to make some plans (it's nothing crazy, just a little flare up- Nothing that superstar physio Benny P can't handle!!).

During this rest time, we were fortunate that our great friends and training partners the Austrian Ski Cross and Snowboard Cross teams opened up a training opportunity to us and we moved one valley over- From Pitztal to Kaunertal. We have access to a technical track, great snow conditions and our Aussie Snowboard Cross friends were here too. This also meant we could base ourselves in an apartment, cook for ourselves and best prepare for training and the upcoming WC races without a crazy price tag.

Now, the season that has felt like it would never happen, is only two weeks away!

I am so excited to race again soon! Stay Tuned! 😘 Sami


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