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Sami a Joe's Basecamp Ambassador

Sami Kennedy-Sim signs as an Ambassador for Joe's Basecamp on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Joe's Basecamp is more than a gym- It is a community. They want people to get out there and get amongst it- to live large and tear chunks out of life. They know, given the right stimulus, people will push boundaries and appreciate themselves and their capabilities more. They believe that by giving people confidence in themselves, they will get out there and explore. They believe that this will broaden their horizons and they will appreciate their neighbours as well as appreciate this amazing and beautiful world we live in.

Joe's Basecamp is located in Brookvale NSW. It is so convenient for my training, just a few minutes from home. Plus I can train at Altitude to prepare for my high altitude camps and competitions in their Altitude Chamber. I am learning so much about recovery and performance from their expert trainers and I know that their support will put me in the best possible space to be successful into my third Olympic Games.

Joes have a great ethos and have begun sharing a powerful message #MyBodyMoves. I am proud to be aligned with and supported by this great facility- Check out the below video that celebrates the amazing things that female bodies can achieve and that is sharing this message:

It's not about what my body looks like, it's about what it can do.

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