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I am back in Munich after the BEST week in Sweden.

The Audi FIS Freestyle World Cup tour stopped off in Idre, Sweden this weekend, after weather cancelled events in Feldberg, Germany the week prior. Unfortunately, this was the event that Mum decided to come visit-But at least I got to see her!

The track in Idre is BIG. It is about 1 minute 15 seconds in length and has some of the biggest jumps, the most technical start section and challenging features. (Video link further down)

On the first training day I was nervous. Really nervous. I followed one of the male athletes down the track in that first run to make sure my line selection was correct (Thanks Tyler!). When I entered the finish area, I was approached by the FIS SX Director and asked for my opinion of how my run/the track was.

I literally could not wipe the smile from my face as we spoke. The feeling of overcoming your nerves and completing the track; The feeling of accomplishment when you 'just do it' is why I love this crazy sport. The course was fun, challenging and safe. The trifecta!

I managed to qualify for the first race in 3rd position - equalling my best ever qualification result and for the second race in 9th position.

I was skiing fast in training and excelling in areas of my skiing that I am usually struggling with. Typically, I am very fast out of the start but in Idre I found the start section really difficult. In the race runs I then would focus on my skiing and execute the tasks ahead as best as I could and I made more passes that I have ever before.

To ski this way- a different way- and have it pay off is incredible. I came 2nd in the FIS Freestyle World Cup in Idre, Sweden on Saturday.

There was no time to celebrate however as the following day saw another race. I was unable to replicate my result from the day before but I will take my 2nd place and 10th place as a sign that things are heading in a new, and exciting direction.

The season is not even close to being over and I am now in Munich, resting up before I fly to Russia to Sunny Valley for the next event. Then, it is on to Canada for World Cup Finals and then to the home of my ski technician Martin for the FIS Freestyle Ski World Championships.

This is a really exciting step that we have taken this weekend and I would like to say thank you to my great coaches Shawn and Danny, to my Ski Tech Martin, my team mate Anton and to the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia, all my sponsors, friends and family for your support. I am looking forward to keeping this momentum going and hope to be writing with such great news again soon!

Sami :)

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