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On top of the podium at the ANC

I have just returned from a training camp in Victoria with the Canadian Ski Cross Team. It was so great to train along side some of my great friends from Canada- even better that two of them are the Olympic Gold and Silver medalists from Sochi!

As you all know, Ski Cross is an event where you battle down a track against three other athletes. Training with the Canadians for the past two weeks was productive and so much fun. Racing

head-to-head against some of my strongest competition was a great experience and I learned a lot.

I ended up racing in the Australia New Zealand Cup (ANC) Ski Cross and Hotheam Spring Cross series on Tuesday. I am proud to say that I won the ANC race and was second to Silver medalist Kelsey Serwa in the Spring Cup.

I was really nervous before this event- the first race back is always an interesting one. I am happy to have had some close racing and I am more motivated to train harder than ever before.

A big thank you to the Biggins family who have let me call their Mt Hotham apartment 'home' for the past few weeks; Mt Hotham Race Club for accepting Anton and I into their community; To Shawn, Danny, Arch, Stan, Alex for staying up on the track until close to midnight to ensure we had world class training; And to Scotti Sanderson and his events staff for a great event!

Now its time to knuckle down and train hard (and steal a moment or two of Sunshine) before I head to Austria in October!

Sami x

PS: Here is a shot of Anton and I from Chillfactor Magazines 'FreeBom' mogul event at Mt Buller a few weeks ago!

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