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Back in Action!


Well, I am back 'training'. I am on my third week of 'real training' post heart surgery. Honestly, I feel like I have taken my physical ability for granted in the past. Isn't it funny: As soon as someone says that you can't do something, or you have to cut back, you really appreciate what you have got!

It is SO GOOD to train again. I am not doing any PB Olympic Lifts just yet, but to sweat feels so good. Even just to go for a run around North Head in Sydney with my husband... Heaven. With the Australian Winter upon us, I can't wait to get back on snow in July!

I have been training only one specific session per day, either Strength Prep (light weights) or Long Slow Distance cardio work. I will progress to two sessions per day in the next 10 days. The cardio has mostly been on the stationary bike- not my favourite. I have also been doing Yoga and mobility sessions daily to support my return to exercise (and soon, my return to snow!) so while the training volume and intensity has been significantly lower than what I am used too, I am still really busy.

Since starting the page, I have also aligned myself with a fantastic, cutting edge company called Nerium. Nerium believes in science, nature and helping people achieve more out of life- Looking, Feeling and Living Better. Together with Signum Biosciences, Nerium is providing scientifically researched, natural products that I believe can change peoples lives.​ I have been using the products that are available in Australia for a while now, and I think I 'look better', I most definitely 'feel better', and I am actively working on something outside my athletic career, to 'live better'.

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