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ANC Champion 2017

Hotham hosted the final two events of the Australia New Zealand Continental Cup (ANC) last week. The race department and the SX/SBX staff worked hard and produced a fun track to race on (49sec!) and for once the weather was AMAZING for our race days.

I won the final two events (clean sweep of all four) to secure the ANC title for 2017. I was joined by other athletes from Australia, Czech, USA and GBR (and that Kiwi Bloke who won a silver medal at world champs- Jamie Prebble) for a few days training and two awesome race days. We raced along side the Snowboard Cross athletes and it was fun running heats with them too.

I am happy with how I was skiing in Hotham and will only have a few more days on snow before I head to Europe in October. For now, I have trekked back to Manly Beach, Sydney for my recovery week before I enter a BIG training block at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra next week.

I had better go- after my gym session this morning at Narrabeen I am booked in for some Yoga over lunch 🙌🏼... And maybe a quick SUP this afternoon.

Sami 💋

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