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Full Steam Ahead

I can not believe that is it June already. The World Championships feel like they were just yesterday. However as I gaze back through my diary, looks like I have been training for 10 weeks now.

I had the pleasure of helping out this fantastic organisation called Stand Tall. The Stand Tall event aims to inspire high school students to stand tall and make positive choices. Participants interact with and listen to talks from people from all walks of life- Athletes, Musicians, Business people and more. Sounds great right? Well, it is! And what was even better, was witnessing over 2000 high school kids experience this day. If you want to know more about this great event or even sign your school up, click here.

Under the watchful eye of John Marsden, I have been working harder than ever in the gym/sand dunes/running trails/yoga mat/beach. My training environments have been ever changing and John has been keeping me on my toes. Overall I have been enjoying this training phase. Some days it is easy to push through hard sessions and somedays, even a relaxing Yoga practice can push me to my limits. But these experiences are character building. The more work I get in now, the better my skiing will be.

It is funny to reflect back on when I first came on scholarship with the New South Wales Institute of Sport (NSWIS) in 2009. I thought I knew how to 'train', how to be an 'athlete'. Boy was I wrong! Back then, I was raw, eager to learn and I had no idea that I would be getting better and better each year. As my training age increases, my attitude towards training changes. Things that used to be my maximum effort, are now my warm up. Training has in no way got easier, I have just got better.

I have been training alongside other Olympic Winter Institute of Australia (OWIA) and NSWIS athletes who compete in Moguls, Snowboard Cross, Snowboard Halfpipe and Slopestyle, Figure Skating, Bobsled and Aerials. Whilst all these sports require different skill sets on snow or ice, the bulk of our training is similar 'off snow'. I have really enjoyed spending time with my team mates during this period of hard work.

But as the temperatures cool down in Australia, I will soon be looking to the mountains. I plan to be on snow in a few weeks with my coach Shawn and basing myself out of Jindabyne for that time. I can't wait to get back 'home' (How lucky am I... I get to call Jindabyne AND Manly home- two of the most beautiful places in the country).

But for now, it is time to hit the gym for the last stretch before I am rewarded with some turns on snow.. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @samikennedysim where I post training pictures and more!

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