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Watles, Italy

It feels so good to be racing again! It was only two weeks between competitions, but it felt like ages when I was back in the start gate on my first training day in Watles, Italy. I was nervous/excited/anxious/elated all at once!

Our qualification day was cancelled due to heavy snowfalls in the area and winds that would rival the gusts we get in the NSW Snowy Mountains. This meant that we would be running heats of 32 ladies and 64 men for the two races on Saturday and Sunday. This suits me better, as we all know that for some reason, when I ski on my own I am not nearly as fast as when I am racing against others (I am working on it!!)

Day One: 11th Place

I had a good training run int he morning with some Canadian girls and was ready to race. I was second to Fanny Smith (SUI) in my Eight Final and would be against her again in the Quarter final, as well as Katrin Ofner (AUT) and Ophie David (FRA). The start section here is easy for me, thankfully, as I was in the yellow bib and in the worst 'gate'. I was in the lead for the first quarter of the track but was double passed by Ophie and Fanny. I did my best to try and get into second place further down the track, but was unsuccessful.

Normally I would have been mad that I got passed or at the errors I made, but I am happy that I am still a dominant force- My starts are better than ever. I need to work on the whole run over the next few weeks as we head into our next race (and non-stop race block) in Feldberg, Germany.

Race Two: Did Not Start

A stomach flu has been making its way though our hotel here in Italy and unfortunately it found me about 3 hours after the race on Saturday. I put on a brave face and had my race gear on to at least try a training run today but it was pointless- I was very weak and fatigued from the unpleasant night I had endured before hand. So I headed back to the hotel and back to bed.

Tomorrow we leave Italy and head back to Austria-YAY! I hope to run into a few of our young Ski cross and Alpine athletes over the next week.

Thank you for your well wishes and support- I am sending that back to you all too ;-)


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