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Skifahren in Österreich!

Willkommen zurück in Österreich, Sami!

I have been back in Austria for around 10 days now and so much has happened since I arrived. I am back with the "A-Team"- Shawn, Danny and Anton and we will be joined by our awesome ski technician, Martin in November.

I am back in the ski cross course along side the Austrian, German and Russian Ski Cross teams. We are training on Pitztal glacier- about 1.5 hours from Innsbruck. The oppertunity to train here alongside the current World Champion and many other top tier athletes is priceless and I look forward to the next 6 weeks of work before WC number one- Montafon.

The Team Sami Auction has come to a close! Thank you to all who placed bids on items and congratulations to the winners. I hope you enjoy your items! The auction was a great success and I am so thankful for the support I have been given by all winners and donors.

It is awesome training here in Austria- We are skiing gates, Ski Cross tracks and freeskiing most of the day, and then have set up a 'Rocky' style gym in our hotel/farmers garage, where I can continue to work on my Strength and Conditioning. Massive thanks to the Australian Institute of Sport- European Training Centre for stocking or 'gym' with weights and all sorts of great toys to train with for the next little while.

I am also doing as much Yoga as I can to keep my body in good shape. I am finding that it is helping with my previous back injury and am finding it entertaining to practice yoga in all sorts of places- tiny hotel rooms, halways and mountain restaurants!

For now, my focus is training.

Happy Skiing,

Sami x

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