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I have been home for about two months now and I am pleased to say that my rehabilitation is going really well. I have had a few injections into my injured sacroiliac joint under the skilful hand of my Sports Physician Dr. Jeni Saunders. I have been conducting rehabilitation since I arrived home with my physio Ash. I have been working on re-activating and re-educating my muscles around my entire

pelvis. I had been using the wrong muscles to perform even simple acts like walking or sitting down because of my injury, so have been doing lots of small exercises. I have now progressed quite well, and I am very excited to be back in the gym! I am not power-lifting just yet, but adding resistance training to my program to challenge the new (correct) muscle patterns.

Its funny how quickly you can lose muscle. But what is truly amazing, is that if you work hard, things kick back into gear quite quickly. I am looking forward to being back to full strength, and at times feel impatient- But I am taking my time to make sure that I am training with good form. If i take my time now, the gains later will be substantial.

I have been busy working with the Sydney based NSW Alpine, Snowboard and Interschools Snowsports athletes. We have a growing community here and the athletes are responding well to structured training. NSW Alpine conducted a

Screening, Strength and Conditioning Camp in April under the guidance of ski-specific strength training expert Manfred Wolscher. I coached alongside Manuela Berchtold (2 time Australian Olympian in Moguls and owner of High Country Fitness) and Jason Quelch (former NSW number ONE Decathlete). It was an inspiring weekend and I was blown away by some of the talent that is coming through the ski pool!

I attended Australia's Biggest Blood Pressure check last week at Chennel Seven in Sydney with fellow National Stroke Foundation ambassdors Chris Bath and Luke Webb. It was a great day and was amazing to see so many members of the public learning that sometimes, all it takes is a blood pressure check to see if you are at risk of having a stroke.

For now, I will continue my rehabilitation and progression into training whilst watching the snow fall via webcam and hope to be back on snow at Perisher in late July.

Until then,

Happy Snow dancing!

<3 Sami

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