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Kreishberg World Championships

What a show at the 2015 World Championships in Kreischberg, Austria. With the slow start to winter in Europe, the event was a great success and we had a challenging race.


I qualified in 12th place for the event, bridging the gap between the qualification leader Georgia Simmerling. I had some minor mistakes in my qualifying, but the unforgiving, technical and rather flat track meant that I had to live with those on the clock, all the way to the finish line.


On the day of finals, I was feeling quietly confident. I was up against the eventual bronze medallist and 2013 World champion Fanny Smith from Switzerland and new that I needed to get out of the start as fast as possible to ensure I made it through to the quarter finals. And I did just that. My plan was the same in the quarter finals, to ensure a top 8 position and a battle to the big final, but I was caught by surprise when Fanny screamed past me and I was in second place. I then had to ski defensively to ensure I would maintain my place and proceed through the next round: But a lapse in concentration on the final features resulted in 'knuckling' the landings and being overtaken by a young German athlete. Day Done. 12th place.

I am disappointed that this happened, because I know better than that. The race is all the way to the finish line. I need to make sure that the execution is 100% from top to bottom.


The positives from this race was that the 'old' Sami turned up to World Champs. I skied aggressively and made massive improvements in my turns, and mostly, I have the complete confidence that I am right where I should be. The ingredients are there. Now, I get to put it all together in Arosa for the next races. I CAN do it.

My team mate Anton qualified in 9th position and had a mishap in the start gate so his day was unfortunately cut short and had to settle with 26th position.

We have been in Leogang, Austria for the week enjoying some powder skiing and time in the gym. My back is feeling better and better and the week away from the Ski Cross environment has done it some good. The next block of racing is hectic. We have SIX World Cups in THREE weeks in Switzerland, Sweden and Germany. I am ready to throw myself back in to competition and aim for that place on the podium.


Until next time,


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