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Australian Ski Cross Champion and Top To Bottom Champion!

Things have been so busy here in the mountains!


I headed to Mt Hotham for 5 days to coach at the SSA Futures Camp for young athletes who are interested in getting into ski cross. It was so fun and even though the weather was not so kind to us, the athletes got great insight into how my team mate Anton and I prepare for our Ski Cross events!


Following this was the Suzuki Australia and New Zealand Continental Cup Ski Cross event. Again, mother nature proved her strength, with 150km/hr winds posponing our event, but in the end we got qualifications off and I had a win! View the video here!

Then it was back in the car and after a few days of rest, work and gym training, it was time for the Thredbo Top to Bottom. The Top to Bottom is a chinese downhill: All competitors start carrying their skis and run around 70m to the first 'gate'. There, you put your skis down and race from the top of Thredbo to the Bottom! All at once- It is like a ski cross but without the jumps This is one of my favorite events to compete in and I am proud to say that I won the event for the 6th time! It was so great to be on top of the podium- with a magnum of G.H.Mumm Champagne to spray in celebration. It was so great to be on top of the podium- a feeling I LIVE for!

And the sucess didnt end there- I joined my old Ski Cross teammates Scott Kneller and Jenny Owens where we raced for our ski club Southern Alps Ski Club in the thredbo Interclub- where we were the winning team! I am so proud to be a memeber of SASC.

For now, Its back to the gym.

Enjoy the Snow!

Sami x

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