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Pre-Season Underway

Greetings from Manly Beach. Winter is coming!

It has been a whirlwind few weeks since I returned home from Europe. I have been juggling work and training whilst enjoying everything the Northern beaches has to offer! I received a plaque on the Manly pathway of Olympians and Paralympians apon my return home. I am proud to be part of the Manly community and humbled for being acknowledged as a local Olympian.

I have been conducting the pre-season fitness training for some New South Wales Alpine athletes. Some I see almost daily and others come to our group session on Sunday mornings in North Sydney. I find this really rewarding- Watching these young athletes develop over the last 6 weeks has been great. They are learining how to push themselves through their limits and how important strength and conditioning is to their skiing careers. I have been posting photos on my Instagram @samikennedysim or #nswalpine.. you can see them HERE.

I only have a couple more weeks left with these athletes in Sydney before I head back to the beautiful Snowy Mountains to resume my training! I am also joining the fantastic team at Altitude Physiotherapy in Thredbo for the winter too- so pop in and say hello!

Off to the gym,

Sami :)

#manly #plaque #preseason #nswalpine

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