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​Born to Ski

I am Sami.

And I'm an athlete before anything else.

Sport has always been a part of who I am, and I have spent my life searching for the ultimate discipline. A search that led me to the mountains.

My devotion to the alpine region helped me define my life's ambition - Ski Cross.

The adrenalin of attacking an icy slope laced with rolls, jumps and turns at speeds that would rival most cars, are moments that can only be felt, not described. And when that includes rubbing shoulders with three other dedicated athletes in a battle for the win, well. It's nothing short of epic.

I chase a sport that has taken me all across the globe on adventures throughout the World Cup circuit. Representing Australia as the #1 ranked ski cross athlete in the Southern Hemisphere. This chase led me to the pinnacle of the sports world where I proudly wore the green & gold at three Olympics. Placing 8th in Korea in 2018 sits high on the list of proud moments and backing that up with World Cup Podiums and anotehr 8th place at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games has ben very special.

My time is spent in the Australian Alps during the southern seasons, and trekking across the planet chasing winter. But I have other passions too...

My desire to give back to the community that has given me so much, has inspired me to upskill myself in Elite Athlete Wellbeing Management. While I still have so far to go in my personal career, I want to show my appreciation for this sport, and to leave a legacy that can shape the way for those to come, so they too can experience these incredible moments that can only be felt, not described.

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