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What a crazy few months 2020 has proven to be. Australia has been terrorised by drought and bushfires- And just as towns and communities have begun their regeneration, COVID-19 has settled itself within our community.

This virus is like nothing we have ever seen and it is vital to adapt where possible. Businesses have been forced to rethink their delivery of services (with some having to shut completely), more and more people are working from home, kids are being taught remotely and for our athlete community, our homes have turned into our workplaces too. It is important to be part of the solution. STAY HOME. #FlattenTheCurve & #protectOURseason... Winter is just around the corner.

To make the most of this period of unknown, I would like to introduce you to

the Snow Active program that I am hosting for Snow Australia!

For the next 8 weeks, I will be delivering FREE weekly fitness sessions that you can join in from your home! Week One launches April 7th (click the photo below to learn more!)

Share your #SnowActive training with the whole winter community and tag @snowaust in any posts!

I have had to rethink my whole plan for the next 12 months. The requirements currently that see us bound to our homes, mean that my training plans have been kicked to the curb. My school visits have been kicked to the curb.

But while I don't know when I will be on snow next, I continue to put the "work" in as per usual. Olympic qualifying is supposed to begin December 2020...

- I have weekly scheduled meetings with my Performance Coaches and Sport Psychologists

- My backyard has become (Joe's) Sami's Basecamp. Joe has lent me everything I need to stay on top of my athletic goals (and to pass the time!). Follow me on Strava to check out my sessions!


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